Your Guiding Light for Asset Management.

North Star Family Office

is a boutique firm specializing in asset management and wealth planning.
With an international presence and decades of experience in private banking and family office services, North Star can light your way towards strategic wealth advisory and investment planning.

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Your Guiding Light for Asset Management.

About Us

North Star Family Office was founded in 2007 by three highly experienced financial advisors in the fields of private banking, asset management, and wealth planning. Their expertise combined offers clients the security that their finances and investments are being handled with the utmost knowledge and professionalism.

Like our cosmological namesake, North Star is a beacon of light seeking to guide our clients towards strategic investment decisions and financial security that can sustain generations

Based in Hong Kong, North Star also maintains offices in Paris, Riga and Helsinki, meeting the international needs of our clientele with on-site assistance from one of our professional consultants and contractors.


Under the tutelage of its management, the North Star team is composed of diverse skills to directly meet any client need. From accountants who are well versed in international tax laws, to investment bankers who have a keen eye for portfolio diversification, to consultants who have experience building comprehensive succession strategies, to administrative support who can handle any technical need.

North Star is the all- inclusive family office you want on your side.

Your Guiding Light for Asset Management.

Our Services

North Star Family Office provides a custom set of services according to our clients' needs. Our team is experienced in all financial and investment matters, while our administrative team and international contacts can provide support for any localization needs.

North Star's services include:


Asset Management & Private Equity

North Star works directly with you and your family to ascertain your existing financial situation, and develop an investment strategy that best fits your needs, requirements and interests. By helping clients define the goals they hope to achieve with their capital, we are able to guide you to the precise steps and actions needed to meet those goals. Together, we will create a diverse investment portfolio that is suited to your family's values and needs, and continue to grow your wealth for years to come.


Wealth Advisory & Succession Planning

North Star will work with you to create a multi-generational family budget to ensure your finances are well maintained over time. We will also work with you to create a clear succession and estate plan, building the structure, terms and agreements to guarantee a conflict-free transfer of wealth. One of the greatest products of your years of hard work is the ability to share this legacy with your family, and North Star will ensure that you are able to do so as seamlessly as possible.



One of the greatest blessings that comes with success is the ability to share it with others. North Star will help you create a philanthropic structure that best reflects your charitable goals. Whether establishing a foundation in your name or managing yearly contributions to different causes, North Star will create a clear administrative framework to manage and grow your philanthropic projects. Additionally, through our international reach, we can help expose you to new opportunities for creating a difference


Real Estate & Personnel

North Star can serve as a guide for any and all projects and management needs you may have. If you own or are interested in investing in private or commercial real estate properties, we can help you find strategic opportunities and manage any negotiations, renovations, or other hands-on need for real estate development. Additionally, if you are looking for personnel to support your family needs - whether a private attorney, household staff, or simply local concierge assistance -NorthStar has the contacts, connections, and reputation to secure any of your needs.

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